What’s it all about?

Margaret Fulton in the 1960s

The inspiration behind this blog is the Australian cook, Margaret Fulton.

I’m overseas in (it being December at the time of writing) cold, cold London and have a hankering for some of the recipes cooked by my mum and my nan and my gran. Many of those recipes come from Margaret Fulton’s classic cookbooks. Most Australian households have at least one (if not a whole collection) of these fabulous recipe books. This blog is an attempt at not only documenting my homesickness, but (hopefully) the remedy for it, too.

Not only are Fulton’s recipes a matter of nostalgia for me, she just so happens to be a very interesting old bird. She’s as tough as old boots, led a bit of a wild life in her younger years, likes a tipple of whisky and isn’t afraid to swear if the occasion calls for it. She wore a blue dress for her first wedding (telling  interviewer Andrew Denton that the reason was because she wasn’t a virgin) – a gutsy move for those times. She taught Australians that spaghetti didn’t just come in tins, and (again from the Andrew Denton interview) knows 101 ways to cook mincemeat.

In other words, Margaret Fulton is awesome.


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